Assistance with High Tech Patents

Patent Attorneys Of Farjami & Farjami LLP Have Decades of Experience

Image of man walking in front of wiring diagramsFarjami & Farjami LLP’s patent lawyers have acquired unparalleled expertise in various technical fields, not only through formal education, but also by actual work experience in various technical professions. Our firm has attracted and maintained large corporate clients due to high quality work, responsiveness and competence. Due to our reputation for quality and responsiveness, many of the firm’s clients have preferred our law firm over others they had experienced. We work closely with our clients to:

  • Procure patents
  • Analyze patent portfolios
  • Conduct company-wide patentable inventions mining
  • Identify and prioritize patentable inventions
  • Devise patent programs to advance clients’ goals

Knowledgeable Legal Representation for Highly Technical Industries

Our firm represents companies in the areas of computer architecture, processors, memory devices, speech coding, speech recognition, telecommunications, wireless technology, semiconductors, Internet and software, semiconductor packaging technology, imaging technology, medical devices and specialty semiconductor technology, among other high technical fields. We have helped tech businesses successfully apply for:

  • Semiconductor patents
  • Internet patents
  • Wireless patents
  • Computer patents
  • Software patents
  • Electronics patents
  • Electrical patents

The firm is also proud to provide cost-effective and quality services through legally and technically highly qualified patent attorneys. Many of our attorneys have attained advanced engineering degrees and have worked in professional engineering fields. Our firm also provides legal representation for interferences and appeals.